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just like you said it would be

Weekend Community Update - Hello again!


untied was right: it's been quiet in here lately. Even in spite of her brave effort to liven things up a little. (Thank you!) I'm going to take all the blame for that. I haven't invested as much time in this community in the past months as I should have. I won't list my excuses, because they're really not any good, and even less interesting. I would still very much like this community to work the way it was intended to - a place to vent, share, support. We were certainly off to a good start, and I think we have a great group of people here who have been excellent about commenting on the entries that were made so far.

Here's my idea (and you are, of course, free to dismiss it or do whatever you want). I'd really love for every one of our members to post an entry sometime in the next four to six weeks about anything to do with this community's themes. If nothing comes to mind, maybe the community's interests can be of help (to name just a few: humor, stigmatization, responsibility, drug side effects, sex, therapy). And hey, if you really can't, if life has been getting in the way of things, I'm the last person to hold it against you, so don't feel bad. Post whenever you've got the time.


If you aren't a member of wellpartners, but you would like to be, please read the community guidelines. Over the past three months fourteen people have applied for membership by following the 'join this community' link. Nine of these people had friends-only journals. Only three of them sent me an e-mail with a short introduction. These are the only people whose membership I approved. If I don't know who you are, I can't let you in. Trolling has been a problem in this community. Privacy is valued here. So please, if you want to become a member of wellpartners, introduce yourself in an e-mail to the moderator, let us know you're in the right place, and I promise that if you are, you'll be added as a member within three days.


Basically, this place is a free-for-all; you're free to post whenever, whatever, and however, just as long as you play along with the community guidelines. I'd really like to hear any suggestions though concerning where you'd like this place to go. If you expect something in particular from me as your moderator, please let me know. Any ideas about keeping this place alive and involved are very, very welcome. And remember, if you know anyone who you think might benefit from this community, invite them over sometime - they may decide to stick around.

I'd love to hear from you!
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