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Adjustment to the community guidelines

Several people have asked me if it's alright for them to join the community if they are involved with someone who is mentally ill, but are also suffering from a psychiatric disorder themselves. I've given it some thought. The truth is that we need this community to grow, and the last thing I want is to turn away people who feel like they can benefit from it.

The experiences of a partner who has never experienced a psychiatric disorder are likely different from those of someone who knows what it's like to be ill themselves. Perhaps your relationship feels more balanced because you both need to be cut great amounts of slack from time to time; perhaps it feels more chaotic because you won't always be able to take care of each other; perhaps you understand each other better, knowing you've both 'been there'; or perhaps you are less tolerant toward each other's behavior because you think you know what it's like for them, and don't consider it an excuse to act the way they are.

This community is here primarily to provide well partners with a place where they are able to talk about whatever is on their mind re: the effect their partner's mental illness is having on them, without worrying whether they may hurt the feelings of someone who suffers from a psychiatric disorder themselves. I also don't want your feelings to get hurt, reading how a partner might be feeling about you sometimes.

But this group was made for those who are in a relationship with someone who is suffering from a psychiatric disorder. As long as members understand the goals of the community and aren't here to talk about their own mental health issues, they are welcome to join and contribute. I hope you all agree.

For those who have joined and to the ones who are about to, I'm grateful to have you here, and I am looking forward to seeing your posts.
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