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partners of those who suffer from a psychiatric disorder
State of the union 
22nd-Feb-2008 05:37 pm
red X
Hey everyone. It's been a while since I posted much of anything, so I thought I'd throw out a little update.
Things have actually been going really well. V's been on a couple med changes over the last...year or so? Not sure exactly. She's more or less got it hammered out at the moment. I'm not sure on dosages but I know she's on Wellbutrin and Lamictal, and that they lowered the lamictal because it was making her foggy and she wanted to think again. Seems like she's found a good balance where she's able to think more clearly, but without the thoughts running wild and bringing her down. She's working on trying to adapt her journals into a narrative of sorts for a potential memoir in the future, which I think is really cool (and I may have had some part in helping inspire, or at least get the motivation up for). We moved into an apartment together last May, which has been really good. Of course, there's always ups and downs, but that's to be expected. So yeah, a bit of good news to perhaps brighten up your days :)
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