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I joined this community months ago but I havent plucked up courage to post yet, and have been lurking a little to see what the site was like. Anyway, this is my situation:

30s English female, living in Spain currently, my boyfriend (35) is clinically depressed, has been (officially) for 3 years but has always been not totally stable. Takes an SNRI medication (effexor), has lots of side effects (headaches, dizziness), sees a kind of counsellor here every few weeks, not anticipating stopping the meds any time soon, which worries me because I want a longterm future with him but it is a lot to deal with.  He hasnt made any serious suicide attempts but it is something he talks about and I know it may well happen.
Have had lots of support from other forums but they are mostly inhabited by the sufferers, rather than the people who put up with it all at home. I could really do with friendly ears who know some of what I'm going through.
BTW I am a very private person and really shy so I wont be one of those members that posts every day about every intimate detail of my life, because I just cant do that. I dont have a problem with people that can do that, I admire their openess. I will share factual stuff but I am not so good with pouring out my emotions.

Oh and Happy New Year to you all!
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