Catticus Wench (margots_coat) wrote in wellpartners,
Catticus Wench


I've been a member of the community for awhile and haven't introduced myself so it's time.
I'm Carson, I'm the moderator for crazy_on_meds.
I suffer from manic depression and borderline personality disorder, but seeing as I have my own community to vent there about, I'd like to be here more for members who maybe need help dealing with a loved one's illness.
I've been involved with people with mental illnesses before (making me know things both from the sick partner and the well partner's point of view), and mental illness (depression, OCD, manic depression, and schizophrenia) all run in my family.
Anyways, nice to meet everyone - and I hope that if I can help anyone understand or deal with their partner who is sick, I will do it wisely.
Having a mental illness AND having been with people with mental illnesses - it sort of makes me compassionate to both sides.
It's really hard on everyone, and I will say this:
Anyone (especially someone who is not mentally ill) who meets, falls in love with, and stays with someone with an illness is to be commended. There are so many bad stereotypes of the "crazy" people - too many people are scared away by labels of mental illness. If both partners are mentally ill this can be a bad thing in that the cyclical nature of mental illnesses can throw both partners out of whack - but at least they both sort of know what's wrong with the other.
When one partner is well and the other is ill, it's an entirely different matter. It IS hard to understand, and it DOES scare people off, so anyone who can see past the stereotypes and be with someone with an illness and treat them like a normal person and not "crazy" has done a lot more than the general population, methinks.
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